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Radiesse Sacramento

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a collagen-stimulating dermal filler, typically used for cheek augmentation due to its exceptional ability to lift and contour; however, we now use it for so much more! Our owner/injector, Kate, experienced one of the non-aesthetic uses of Radiesse 8 years ago after neck surgery following a boating accident. This caused paralysis of her vocal cord, and she lost the use of her voice. She had Radiesse injected into the affected vocal cord, which restored its volume, anatomic placement, and her voice! She is fully obsessed with the product for its versatility. She has brought this incredible product into our practice and trained all of the staff in its safe use. A few months ago, she flew in an expert trainer from DC to enhance our skills. We all love Radiesse and are now using it to its fullest potential!

What does Radiesse do?

Collagen has been a huge buzz word in the beauty and aesthetics community over the last few years. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in our bones, muscles, tendons, and skin. We lose approximately 1% of our collagen each year after the age of 20. (Oh my gosh, I’ve lost 1-2-3......19% of my collagen!) Radiesse to the rescue. Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite crystals suspended in a gel carrier. When injected, the gel is absorbed and leaves behind the crystals, which will be metabolized over the next 18-24 months. The calcium hydroxyapatite crystals stimulate your body to naturally produce collagen and elastin in the treated area, leading to long-lasting results.

What are the benefits of Radiesse?

So many benefits of a collagen-stimulating dermal filler like Radiesse! Neocollagenesis reduces the signs of aging, restores volume, builds structure, and enhances your natural beauty and booty! Radiesse improves with time and can last up to 24 months in the body, leaving behind your own naturally grown collagen and elastin. We use Radiesse to restore midface volume, temple restoration, chin and jawline contouring, and hand volume restoration. When mixed with saline and lidocaine at varying dilutions, we get HyperDilute Radiesse. HD Radiesse can be infused in your skin to improve texture and reduce crepeyness and laxity. We love infusing the face, neck, and decolletage. We also love using Radiesse in the buttocks for a nonsurgical Brazillian Butt Lift. HyperDilute Radiesse treatments are scheduled every six weeks for three treatments, then once or twice a year for maintenance.

What are the risks?

The risk profile is similar to other hyaluronic acid fillers. The most common risks are swelling, bruising, redness, and injection site discomfort. The scarier (and less likely) risks are infection, delayed onset nodules, allergic reaction, and intravascular injection. Radiesse is more difficult to reverse than other fillers, such as hyaluronic acid fillers; therefore, at Pretty Please Aesthetics, we only use Radiesse in safe areas. We are all highly trained to treat any of these complications, should they arise.

Am I a good candidate for Radiesse?

Most people are good candidates for Radiesse. If you are over the age of 18 and think Radiesse may be right for you, please contact our office for a consultation with one of our specialists. We’d be happy to evaluate you and form a comprehensive plan for you. Contraindications include pregnancy, breastfeeding, an autoimmune disorder, allergy, and bleeding disorders.

What is recovery time with a Radiesse treatment?

Radiesse does cause a bit more swelling than traditional HA fillers, but it’s so worth it! Bruising, swelling and injection site discomfort may last 3-14 days. We recommend taking arnica for the first week after your treatment. If you are having a skin or butt treatment with HyperDilute Radiesse, you will need to massage the area 5 times a day for 5 minutes for the first 5 days following treatment to stimulate that collagen production!

Is there a follow-up?

We will schedule a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks to check your progress and make sure you are happy with your results.

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