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Glo2 Facial Sacramento, CA

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Three-in-one clinical facial

Glo2 is a three-in-one clinical facial that provides remarkable skin improvement through oxygenation, ultrasound energy, and massage to dial up your skin’s luminosity and smoothness in just 40 minutes.

Recently featured on an episode of the hit TV show ‘The Doctors,’ Glo2 is considered by many as “the facial of the future.” It is newly available at select medical spas in the United States. Pretty Please Aesthetics is proud to be one of the exclusive providers for Glo2 Facials in Sacramento County, helping restore a baby smooth, bright, glowy complexion with no skin damage or downtime.

What is the Glo2 Facial?

The Glo2 Facial is a medical-grade super facial that revitalizes your skin in three ways:

  1. Gentle exfoliation sloughs away dead cells and pore debris to smooth and clarify your complexion. This fresh layer of skin is ready to receive a bevy of active ingredients on a deeper level than it could before.
  2. Oxygenation increases blood flow to the skin to allow for deeper penetration of active ingredients. It also promotes a naturally ageless glow and improved skin tone.
  3. Ultrasonic energy deeply infuses nutrients, vitamins, and powerful skin hydrators to nourish your skin and unleash a radiant glow. It also stimulates circulation for added radiance.

Am I a candidate for the Glo2 Facial?

Glo2 is suitable for nearly all skin types, including fussy acne-prone or sensitive skin. In addition, because it gently exfoliates without aggressive suction, it does not cause much, if any, irritation.

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Benefits of the Glo2 Facial

The Glo2 Facial delivers all of the benefits of a regular facial, along with exfoliation and oxygenation, to supercharge your skin’s softness, clarity, and vibrancy.

This cutting-edge facial is perfect leading up to your next vacation or special event, but you don’t have to wait for a big occasion to try it. After your treatment, you can enjoy exfoliated, lustrous, well-hydrated skin for up to one week. Unlike other facials, you only need one Glo2 treatment to see results, but we recommend a series of four to six treatments, spaced every one to two weeks for optimal results. Pretty Please Aesthetics can customize your treatment with different OxyPodsTM chosen for your skin’s particular needs. Activated by Oxygeneo’s proprietary technology, they can:

  • Revitalize dull skin
  • Lighten pigmentation
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Provide an allover glow
  • Clarify congested pores
  • Improve surface skin texture
  • Mattify and control excess oil
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase firmness and elasticity
  • Replenish water levels in the skin
  • Alleviate redness and inflammation

The Glo2 Facial Procedure

Pretty Please Aesthetics is your destination for the best Glo2 Facial Sacramento has to offer. The procedure takes just 40 minutes and feels like a relaxing facial massage.


Your treatment begins by applying Illuminate, Revive, or Balance and Hydrate, depending on your skin’s needs. Then, a handheld ultrasound wand helps to promote optimal absorption of the powerful gel-based ingredients.


Gentle, vacuum-less exfoliation removes pore-clogging buildup from deep within your pores to reveal skin that is smooth, cleansed, and refined.


Next, your Glo2 Facial provider stimulates your skin with Capsogen. This natural sodium bicarbonate mixture causes oxygenated bubbles to form on your skin. The bubbles gently burst onto your skin, triggering a natural response known as the Bohr Effect. During this process, your body sends oxygen-rich blood to your epidermis to stimulate circulation and aid in the absorption of the active ingredients. Again, a gentle tickling sensation lets you know it’s working.

Glo2 Facial Recovery

Glo2 has no downtime and virtually no side effects. Unlike harsh exfoliating treatments, Glo2 does not produce any skin irritation or prolonged redness. Instead, it promotes an even-toned complexion with a softer and smoother finish. To protect your freshly exfoliated skin from sunburn, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen after your treatment.

Glo2 Facial Results

Most of our Sacramento Glo2 Facial patients experience immediate results in just one treatment, but we recommended a series of four to six treatments for long-term results. Your skin will look hydrated, dewy, glass-smooth, and brighter following treatment.

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Sacramento Glo2 Facial
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Glo2 hurt?

No, it feels similar to a gentle massage and is very relaxing. Some of our Glo2 clients have said there is a slight warming sensation. It is so comfortable that many people take a nap during the treatment, awakening to bright, petal-soft skin that looks rested and energized.

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