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Laser Treatments in Sacramento

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Revitalize Your Face And Body

With Laser Treatments In Sacramento

The laser specialists at Pretty Please Aesthetics in Sacramento have an elite level of training and access to the best laser treatments in Sacramento for all skin concerns. We match you with the ideal Laser Treatments to repair everything from sun-damaged skin to tattoos, acne, and excess hair.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Removing tattoos with a laser gives your skin a fresh start. You don’t have to live with regrettable tattoos. Pretty Please Aesthetics offers the gold standard in tattoo removal, the Spectrum Q Switch Laser. It works by penetrating the dermal skin layers to shatter the ink particles.

As a result, your body eliminates the pigment over time during your natural excretion process. Unlike other tattoo removal lasers, the Q Switch targets both dark and vibrant colors, so they vanish without leaving a trace. Tattoos can also be lightened with a laser to make tattoo cover-ups easier. Each Q Switch tattoo removal session is spaced six to 8 weeks apart. Six to 12 sessions may be needed to see complete tattoo fading. Another tattoo removal option is the Describe PFD Patch. The patch is a silicone-infused patch with nontoxic PFD (perfluorodecalin) liquid that enables doctors to treat your tattoo several times within a single laser treatment- because more laser passes are possible with the Patch, fewer office visits may be needed. Describe PFD Patch also enables the laser to reach the ink particles deeper within your skin.

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Acne Clearance

Acne is difficult to control without the help of a skincare specialist who has the right tools to treat it.

So leave your acne-prone skin to the experts. With a precise filter, the acne light treatment at Pretty Please Aesthetics penetrates your skin to destroy the bacteria (P. Acne Bacterium) that causes acne using a photo-thermal-chemical effect. Light therapy for acne is highly effective and has no downtime. Clearer, blemish-free skin is in your future at Pretty Please Aesthetics.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Pigmented lesions on your face or body contain high concentrations of melanocytes, which produce melanin pigment.

Pretty Please Aesthetics removes skin pigmentation with a special light that shatters the pigment and allows your body to naturally exfoliate it over the next two weeks. The laser is selective, so it does not cause damage to the deeper anatomic structures. After hyperpigmentation treatment, the old skin peels away a few days later, removing the dark spot and leaving you with a more even skin tone.

IPL Photofacial

IPL is not a laser. While most lasers have just one focused wavelength, the IPL Photofacial improves sun damage, aging skin, and pigmentation with a photoflash of several wavelengths. Each wavelength targets different structures within the skin. That means you have an amplified skin rejuvenating effect.

Since it does not harm the surface layer of skin, IPL greatly minimizes side effects so that you can go about your day as usual right after your treatment. It is ideal for sunspots, rosacea, diffusing facial redness, freckles, broken blood vessels, and unwanted hair. With so many uses, it is no wonder why IPL Facials in Sacramento are so popular.

Pixel8-RF Radiofrequency Microneedling

Microneedling, or “Collagen Induction Therapy,” has become more sophisticated with the addition of RadioFrequency. If you want tighter skin, improved texture, smaller pores, or have acne scars, you may be a good candidate for RF Microneedling. Microneedling has excellent effects on its own, but it provides an even more significant benefit when paired with Radiofrequency (RF) energy. In this dual procedure, very fine needles penetrate your skin to create micro-injuries that stimulate your skin’s healing process.

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While microneedling alone can trigger collagen production, it does not stimulate the skin’s coagulation process like RF energy devices. The Pixel8-RF uses bi-polar RF energy alongside minimally invasive microneedles to facilitate effective non-surgical skin tightening with little to no downtime. By harnessing the power of radiofrequency, heat stimulates coagulation for rapid repair of unsightly skin concerns. In addition, the heat energy transmits deep within the skin layers to stimulate and remodel the collagen and cause elastin cells to regenerate. This results in a firmer, smoother, and more consistent skin surface.

PRF Radiofrequency Microneedling

A revolutionary combination of Radiofrequency Microneedling joins forces with PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) for supercharged skin revitalization. Platelet-rich fibrin is bursting with platelets, stem cells, growth factors, and white blood cells that stimulate skin repair and multiply the rejuvenating effects of RF Microneedling. At the same time, RF energy generates controlled heat to stimulate tissue repair. Microneedling creates tiny, painless pinpricks in the skin to allow the RF and platelet-rich fibrin to reach deeper into the skin layers for an even-toned, firmer complexion that is three times as beautiful as before. If you love the age-defying effects of RF Microneedling but want the added benefits of natural PRF, then you will love the PRF Radiofrequency Microneedling at Pretty Please Aesthetics.

Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Rejuvenation

Fractional RF is a new technology that uses dermal stamping and radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate the skin. Tiny punctures from dermal stamping create hundreds of tiny channels to deliver RF energy deep into your skin, where they can trigger your natural repair processes of coagulation and ablation, correcting skin texture, tonal, and skin-aging concerns.

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In addition, RF uses energy to heat the tissue, which stimulates tissue remodeling and enhances new collagen and elastin production. Your Pretty Please Aesthetic laser specialists train rigorously for proper use of this advanced energy device.


You don’t need to go under the knife to get results similar to a facelift. With Ultherapy at Pretty Please Aesthetics, you can enjoy dramatically firmer, tighter skin without surgery. Dubbed the ‘no-scalpel facelift,’ Merz Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation device that uses ultrasonic energy to tighten and lift the skin on the face, neck, and chest. In addition to toning your skin, it boosts new collagen production for continuous improvement in the months following treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted face and body hair can leave you longing for smooth, fuzz-free skin. Pretty Please Aesthetics provides permanent laser hair reduction using special hair removal filters with light beams that directly heat up and destroy the hair bulb.

At the same time, the surrounding skin remains intact via the selective photo-thermal effect. This gold standard in laser hair removal can penetrate deeper than any other type of laser hair removal device. Laser hair removal or reduction at Pretty Please is a comfortable and safe treatment option for long-lasting hair removal. We believe laser hair removal is a misnomer, and the service should be called permanent hair reduction. The laser takes your follicles back to pre-pubescent hair; however, hormone fluctuations and normal aging can trigger hair regrowth. This is true for all laser/IPL hair removal. Touch-ups will be needed.

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation targets redness and brown spots on your face with minimal downtime. The state-of-the-art light energy device repairs skin cells through coagulation and necrosis of the dermal and epidermal layers. Your body naturally responds to this by creating new cells, causing an overall skin renewal to the treatment area. It is excellent for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and age spots.

Décolletage Rejuvenation

The skin on your chest and breasts is as delicate as the skin on your face, so it deserves the all-star treatment. Pretty Please Aesthetics keeps your décolletage skin looking even-toned and radiant with a pigment-targeting IPL treatment with PhotoRejuvenation for an all-over glow and reduction of sun damage and age spots. Treatment plans include three to six sessions, with follow-up visits recommended for maintenance every three to six months.

Skin Resurfacing

The Fractional Erbium Yag Laser is less invasive and treats superficial wrinkles and sun-damaged skin than other more aggressive lasers. The procedure involves minimal downtime and delivers great results for mild to moderate skin wrinkling and dyschromia. The Fractional Erbium Yag treatment is gentle and safe and can be used on your neck, chest, hands, and face with minimal risk. Three sessions are spaced one month apart for best results.

Vascular Reduction

The Spectrum Long Pulsed Yag Laser removes unsightly facial veins and small vascular lesions from any area of your body. In addition, the Spectrum Laser also removes spider veins with ease, yielding excellent results. Treatments can be performed quickly and without bruising. Targeting the epidermal and dermal layers, light heats the target blood vessels, causing coagulation of specific proteins, and in turn, leading your body to remove them naturally. One or more treatments may be needed depending on the area.

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